Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be incredibly difficult should you enjoy the finer things in life. That sweet tooth can be a killer when it comes to sticking to a routine for food and drinks, yet it does not have to be an all or nothing scenario for you as a consumer.


So long as you consider the calorie intake and manage small portions of treats, you can still enjoy a diet that incorporates various goodies. Being healthy is all about balance and having surveyed some of the healthiest treats on the market, these are a few items you can enjoy without overly stressing about weight gain.

Frozen Greek Yoghurt


Greek yoghurt in isolation is considered the healthy alternative to traditional creams and yoghurts that are higher in fat content. It does though have a reputation for being fairly bland and one-dimensional by itself and should you purchase some berries to mix a concoction up, a frozen treat can be garnered if left in the freezer for a period of time.



A well made sorbet is a great way to satisfy those sugar cravings without overdosing on this content. From custard to gelato, honey, ice cream or yoghurt, a small helping of a sorbet is a nice little treat particularly in the winter months when you need something to tuck into.



Arguably the most creative healthy food option anywhere in the market. A smoothie can be whatever you would like it to be, throwing in bananas, apples, berries, juices, milk, ice, yoghurt, nuts – whatever healthy food options satisfy your cravings. The other benefit of crafting a delicious smoothie is that it can compliment any meal or be used as a snack option in between breakfast, lunch or dinner as you are on the go.

Freshly Sourced Fruit


Fruits should not be seen as a chore to eat because there is so many delicious options out there. From apples to pears, oranges, watermelons, kiwi fruit, grapes, avocados, apricots and blueberries – the variety is plentiful. The trick is to purchase fresh and from a locally sourced provider to ensure quality.

Mocha Coffee


Mixing dark chocolate with coffee is a surefire way to score a hit of concentrated caffeine that tastes delicious. The ideal method to ordering a mocha for those that are thinking of their waistline is to take a soy or low fat milk option and to have a small or medium cup rather than a large.