H2O is imperative to a healthy diet. Eating well and exercising is paramount to a quality routine, yet you cannot escape the need to consume water in order to stay hydrated and to function properly on a day-to-day basis.


However, for many out there it can be tiresome and boring to drink cup after cup of water. There is no taste or kick to the drink and after a while, you want a different alternative that provides the same qualities, just with a few added features.


So what else can be out there to avoid the thirst quench but offers a pleasant taste and after taste? Fortunately there are options on hand.

Coconut Water


You still need electrolytes in order to stay hydrated and if you are after a drink with a little more zest and kick that basic water, coconut water might be a good alternative. Boosted by a range of flavours from mango to pineapple and a small calorie count, this is an ideal choice if you are seeking to spice up your daily drinking routine. You should be able to locate coconut water from any local outlet or supermarket store nearby.



In isolation, coffee will not add kilos and pounds to your waistline and should not be viewed as a guilty pleasure. A healthy dose of caffeine actually helps the body to function and it is only when full cream milk, chocolates and sugars are introduced to proceedings when coffee becomes a genuine luxury from a health standpoint. These cups are particularly healthy if you opt for a skim or light milk compliment as well as a decaffeinated option to lessen the stimulant effect.

Iced Tea


Antioxidants are vital to helping the body combat basic diseases and illness and to improve that process, tea is seen as a terrific solution. Iced tea is a fresh means of enjoying this beverage as you throw in a series of ice cubes and a dash of honey to give the drink a genuine kick. This is a favourite for those who are in a warmer climate on a warm day when a hot tea is not really warranted.

Green Tea


The health benefits of green tea are almost unrivaled when it comes to a quality drinking source. Packed with antioxidants and phytochemical compounds that battle common diseases, this is an ideal cup to have to stay hydrated and healthy all at the same time. There is next to no calorie intake from this option and it can be complimented with a spoonful of honey if you want something a little more on the sweet side.