If you are like one of many thousands of Australians situated in an office setting, achieving your health and fitness goals can seem like an uphill battle. You feel chained to a desk where your movements are limited and you have to funnel all of your activity before and after hours.


The good news is that there are solutions out there to combat this scenario. The body will respond to a few well placed office hacks where you are not sitting static for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Standing Desk


Sitting for extended periods of time does nothing to improve your health. In fact there are certain types of disease and illness that festers when you are inactive on a chair working away for hours on end every week. Swap this option for a standing desk operation where you can continue your office work, just from a standing position. It helps to boost blood circulation and keep you healthier as you undertake your daily tasks.

Swap Chair For Exercise Ball


Improving your posture is imperative for your back health. This can be achieved by opting for an exercise ball at work which will keep you alert and functioning well throughout the day. It can also be a simple transition to undertaking some sit-ups and crunches in between calls and emails.

Lunges and Squats


It might be a little unusual to see workers engage in squats and lunges as they attend to phone calls and send emails, but it can be a great way of keeping fit and stretching important muscles in the body. Squats can be achieved against a wall at a 90-degree angle which forces your back to keep straight and to burn through those quads all at the same time. Lunges will require a little bit more additional space, but they will ensure that you have proper blood circulation through your lower body.

Extended Routine Walks


Are there a few different printer outlets situated around the office space at work? Why not send your copies to the furthest possible location to ensure that your trip is as long as it possibly can be. Or rather than park right outside the front door, why not locate your vehicle a few blocks down the road to really get those legs moving. Every 45 to 60 minutes you should attempt to get moving away from a single location. Take a Bluetooth phone with you if need be. Just get walking!