The notion of the 24-hour doctor is one that can be used and abused by patients in some instances, but they are a necessity for those who need care after hours. Whilst an ailment weighs down someone’s capacity to go about their life, seeing work and looking after children hampering their capacity to see a doctor during business hours, these are practices that fulfill a fundamental need.


What should be considered though are the alternatives to the 24-hour doctor where other options present themselves. Booking in an appointment for the early morning or late at night should only be perceived as a last resort, because the facilities and tools open for practitioners during these hours can be limited when further action is required.


Here are the alternatives you should be examining before making a 24-hour doctor booking.



Suffering from an allergy, from cold and flu conditions, a migraine to minor aches and pains that is hampering your daily routine? Well a chemist’s role in this instance is provide solutions either over the counter or following a prescription delivered from a doctor. If your ailment is not significant enough where a 24-hour doctor should be called upon and you can venture down town to visit a chemist in this regard, then do so. Open up a dialogue with them to explain your symptoms to see what they can prescribe you.

General Practitioner


The most obvious solution to avoiding the pitfalls of seeing a 24-hour doctor is simply waiting until business hours to visit and consult with a general practitioner. Either through a bulk billing system or rebated through your health insurance and Medicare, these experts have a wide range of resources and techniques to tackle many of the common elements that individuals of your profile will suffer from.

House Call Specialist


A different form of the 24-hour doctor is the house call specialist who will arrive at your front door and cater to your needs. Coming at something of a premium with the travel included, these specialists can assist those who are less mobile or struggle to commute long distances if they are situated in regional locations.

Niche Medical Specialist


Should you be suffering from a lower back strain or pain within the teeth or lower jawline, then perhaps a 24-hour doctor is not the ideal option. Here is where a booking and visitation with a specialist is warranted. For the former example, it would be best advised to consult a specialist in the form of a chiropractor who manages that region of the body. For the latter example, it would be best to book an appointment with a local dentist or orthodontist who can administer treatment efficiently and directly. In these cases, a day-round practitioner is not necessarily going to provide the treatment you require.

Emergency Room


Heading to an emergency department when you believe an issue is not worth waiting for is a service that is open to the public. Rather than sitting down with a 24-hour doctor at a practice, these professionals will be there ready and waiting should an emergency be called. To ensure that you can be seen in swift time, take your details with you including a Medicare care, any other medical documentation that could be prevalent to your condition and a bottle of water with a phone in case the waiting period lasts longer than you would expect.



Your circumstance might demand seeing a 24-hour doctor should one be available either within or outside an emergency room. Needless to say though that other options are available for your medical condition that will not stretch the time and resources of a 24-hour doctor – the choice is yours.