Yoga might be a relatively new phenomenon for people in the West, yet it is a proven practice that has been utilised for thousands of years and across multiple generations for ancient cultures and civilisations. The target of this activity is to improve more than the physical health and individuals, but the mental health as well.


The central objective of yoga is to relax the body and free the mind of all stress and anxiety that holds back people for their day-to-day lives.


There are always skeptics who will question the exact benefits of yoga practices. Despite not all claims being completely backed by the scientific method, there are advantages to conducting the practice to help your long-term health prospects.

Combats Depression


There is one hormone that is directly tied to stress that researches have found will dissipate through yoga. Cortisol is an agent of serotonin that is considered a cause of depression from an emotional and physiological standpoint and regular practitioners of yoga will see a drop in these levels. Symptoms will vary from individual to individual, yet it is something that should be considered if you have been diagnosed with this illness.

Boosts Your Quality of Life


Whether you view yoga as a form of physical or mental therapy, registering to classes and practicing this activity helps to form a bond with instructors and fellow classmates. It helps to combat physical ailments of illness such as fatigue whilst boosting sleep patterns all at the same time.

Assists Breathing


There is a yoga-centric activity known as pranayama that completely revolves around the notion of breathing correctly. It might not be considered a high priority for many people and even acknowledged as something that needs to be improved, but this application ensures that proper breathing patterns are incorporated for those who adopt the practice for themselves. Should you be a sufferer of asthma, lung disease or just happen to be short of breath from time to time, yoga is a tremendous outlet to engage correct breathing patterns.

Cuts Down On Chronic Pain


Australians all across the country and across many different age brackets continue to suffer from chronic pain. Whether it is brought about from arthritis or other ailments that affect them on a daily basis, researchers are adamant that practicing yoga helps to boost core strength and provide a pathway back to full functionality. This is an activity that has to be utilised for a number of weeks continuously before these types of results are gleaned however.