Your wisdom teeth are four in number. They are found at the back of your gum and are the last teeth to appear, usually in your late teens. When they don’t erupt as they should, they cause pain, discomfort, or even oral infection hence the need for what is called “wisdom teeth removal in Hawkesbury”.

How Do You Know They Are Erupting?

If you’re less than 25, it’s highly unlikely your teeth are complete. This is how you’ll know your wisdom teeth are erupting.

  • There may be slight swelling around the gum area where they are supposed to erupt from. Sometimes, you’ll notice some irritation too.
  •  You may feel a dull ache at the posterior side of your jaw. If the pain becomes more pronounced, it infers you need to sign up for removal with your dentist.
  • There may be redness around the gum area where the teeth are supposed to erupt from. Sometimes, it may be pinkish too.
  •  There may be a slight sensation of pain around the other areas nonrelated.
  • You may notice small white specks like a dot behind your 2nd or 3rd molar. This is a sure sign your wisdom teeth are well on the way.

When it becomes a problem

Wisdom teeth removal Hawkesbury

Sometimes erupting teeth may constitute a problem hence the need for wisdom teeth removal in Hawkesbury. When this happens, they are called impacted teeth. Below are symptoms of impacted teeth.

  •  There will be redness and swelling around the area.
  • You will experience difficulty in opening your jaw.
  • Bad breath, also known as halitosis.
  • Prolonged headache that could be unaccounted for.
  • You’ll notice a change in the taste of food in your mouth.

When you notice the above symptoms, it’s a sure sign you need to sign up for wisdom teeth removal in Hawkesbury with your dentist or oral surgeon.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Hawkesbury Procedure

If you’ve observed the following symptoms above and have informed your dentist, he or she will examine your teeth and may book you to take an x-ray of your mouth. The following treatments may be deployed.

  • Your dentist may advise you to sit it out if it’s still asymptomatic. They may spend some time monitoring it to be convinced before any action is taken.
  • Extraction surgery

If you experience pain or the pain has become unbearable, you may be booked for extraction surgery, also known as wisdom teeth removal in Hawkesbury in this case. The procedure involves putting you under local anaesthesia and may take less than an hour. Within a few days, you should be back to work or school. Don’t worry; it doesn’t hurt that much.

Complications of wisdom teeth removal in Hawkesbury

You may observe the following complications after tooth extraction surgery because the major muscles and ligaments that were in contact with the tooth no longer make such contact and may cause the following.

Your lower jaw experiences limited or loss of range of motion, and you may experience some difficulty in speaking, you may experience pain at the back of your neck, you may unintentionally bite your cheeks, etc. Whatever the case may be, always report to your dentist. What do you think we left out in the wisdom teeth removal procedure in Hawkesbury if you’ve been there before?