What is it like to use electronic cigarettes? While it may appear inhaling and exhaling vapours at a glance, it is an experience which is closely felt and enjoyed by regular users. It is something similar to setting on a transcendental escapade, right from the first drag. This feeling, however, is argued to fade away with time, especially when there is nothing new to explore.

In case you feel you have hit the saturation point in vaping, it’s time to jazz things up by making small changes to the way you do it. This guide is compiled only for you to help you enhance your vaping experience. Read on to find out all about it.



#1 Make sure you have the right style of electronic cigarettes and the top-quality e-liquid.

There are several types of the e-cigarettes Australia available on the market. From mini models to larger APV models, you can find a right match for your taste and vaping preference. Mini models, which are lightweight and compact, are the most popular ones, perfect for beginners. Mid-size models are somewhat equal in size of a cigar and meant to last longer than their mini counterparts, ideal for regular users looking to enhance his/her experience. The advanced personal vaporisers, also known as MODs, are designed with the needs of more experienced users in mind who want to experience vaping of a whole new level. While you take your pick, don’t forget to factor in battery life and charging options to suit your convenience.


#2 Be particular while choosing e-liquid, nicotine levels and flavours.

You can choose 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4% or 3.6% of nicotine as per your needs. Apart from choosing the desired level of nicotine, you must also explore various e-liquid flavours and choose any one from the available range featuring tobacco to green tea and many other fruity flavours.


#3 Look after the components and accessories.

Not taking care of the components and accessories of your electronic cigarettes can dull your vaping experience. If you are really bent on having a lasting satisfaction from vaping, make sure you regularly get the atomiser replaced. For those of you who don’t know what atomiser is – it is a part of your e-cig that generates vapours that you inhale by heating up the e-liquid. If you are into heavy vaping, consider replacing the atomiser every week. And with light vaping, the atomiser can last three to four weeks.


#4 Try taking small puffs.

Most of the time that you vape, it may be to simulate an experience close to smoking a cigarette. If that’s the case, you should try drawing small puffs from your electronic cigarettes.

Taking puffs to your utmost satisfaction is different for e-cigs with different batteries. For programmed batteries, there would be lesser vapours per puff than manual batteries. This means that by holding down your catch for a couple of seconds, you can easily prime your puff with the manual battery. This same effect can also be achieved by using programmed batteries, and for that, you should try with one or two brief primer puffs before going for a longer one.


Nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction that vaping offers, if done correctly. By being mindful of these four points mentioned above, you can definitely derive higher vaping pleasure than ever.