Health Risks with Eyelash Extensions

Women have been improving their eyelashes since long ago. Mascara is a multi-billion dollar industry marketed since 1917. One singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth confessed that an unfortunate ordeal had happened to her. Kristin appeared on the late shown wearing big dark sunglasses to cover up her swollen eyelids. Miss Chenoweth claimed that the glue used to put on the eyelashes had formaldehyde which she is allergic to. In her quest for longer thick eyelashes instead she got something worse, she ended up sneezing and having swollen eyelids.

Thanks to Twiggy fake eyelashes went mainstream in the 1960s. The market has profited a lot due to publicity from various celebrities including Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. The Kardashians have also launched their line of fake eyelashes Faux lashes. They tweeted that having fake fuller lashes is a long gone thing and that the in thing now is to wear the faux lashes confidently without apologising to anyone. Everything has a price so does staying beautiful. Eyelash extensions ( are fixed one by one to the healthy eyelashes. They are glued together with biologic glues or formaldehyde. These glues together with the substances used in removing them can cause allergic reactions to the eyes. Superficial eyelash enhancers carry fungal and bacterial infections.

Reports have also shown that eyelash extensions cause irritation to the cornea or conjunctiva. The irritation is mainly resulting from an allergic reaction due to the substances used in sticking them or by direct contact with the eyelashes themselves. Eyelash extensions among beauty cures account for the maximum number of eye discussions in Japan where they are highly used. Women are getting informed that putting on eyelash extensions can lead to losing of hair resulting in thin eyelashes. Continuous use eyelash extensions may lead to traction alopecia a state where hair falls out due to extreme tension on the hair shaft. This can result in damage to the hair follicle which in return can lead to a permanent ceasing growth of hair.

Temporary eyelashes can also cause health problems. Pulling off fake eyelashes can lead to the removal of the normal eyelashes when the hairs get in the way. False eyelashes trap bacteria and dirt and can create infection and irritation. A reaction to some of this glues can lead to swelling of the eyelids similar to the response actress Chenoweth had. Janet Evanovich, a mystery writer, experienced the same problem when the beauticians put the false eyelashes on her.

Eyelash self-importance is going to extreme heights. Cosmetic surgery for the eyelashes is highly advertised on the internet. The surgery promises to enhance and thicken the eyelashes. The procedure involves elimination of hair follicles from the rear of the scalp and substituting the implantations on the eyelids. You should be aware of the current eye trends. One involves glueing crystals onto the eyelashes extensions. Another is stringing tiny glass beads onto ultra-thin copper that’s bent to take the shape of your eye and is applied right on top of the eye with glue. To be on the safe side, you should only use mascara and use it safely.

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